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 The rules of the school

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PoseSchool Head Mistress
PoseSchool Head Mistress

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PostSubject: The rules of the school   Sat Oct 25, 2008 2:25 pm

General rules are in every forum you go to. Right now I have a list of important rules for everyone that joins PoseSchool. You will find them here.

1. We demand respect to all users that join poseschool.If you disrespect members or staff then one of the current team members will reprimend you and let you know how you were breaking this rule. That includes using cuss words towards users and staff.

2. Do not harass any part of the staff body that works here. Don't even bother them with questions like when will my poses be colored and so on. If this happens the staff will report to me and you could possibly be kicked off for a couple of days depending on how bothered staff could be.

3. Art Theft will not be tolerated. If the art theft police sees a pose they are unsure about please report to me asap. If it is indeed art theft then whoever submitted that pose will be banned and the owner of the pose will be notified.

4. In the request section where users request their poses to be colored, shaded, grayscaled , and outlined only 4 poses are allowed to be posted per person. You can only post once a day.

5. For those that make a freebie request only one may be made a day.

6. Also for staff member if you are going to be absent please post your absence in Hiatus. If you do not then you could lose your rank though you may get it back by pming me if I am on the forum or otherwise emailing me.

Those are the current rules that I have up currently. I will post more in the future.
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The rules of the school
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